Camilo Villanueva, the universal soul in the formal universe

Camilo Villanueva paints the interior of the soul; he tries to express the energies that are there but remain unseen. Energies that are colorfull dots of light leading to the horizon of the spirit. Camilo Villanueva does not intend to be representative nor figurative when he captures the interior of what is not evident. He focuses on the expression of energy, on transcribing its journey and showing its essence. By doing this, he does not try to capture this essence, he tries to show us that there is a kind of existence within other concrete, evident existences that are there but remain concealed. We simply cannot see them because we are unwilling to do so. For Camilo Villanueva the fact that we are not aware of them is not important. What this Argentinean artist wants is to express with the serenity of the soul the different facets of the universal love and the path to the spiritual evolution. There is an explicit need for us, human beings, to meditate and connect with the cosmic soul to achieve our ultimate potential.

We are not the pattern we are the essence, the spiritual core going through an everlasting evolution.
From the formal point of view his work is made of different successive harmonious structures where chromatic confrontation is not intended. Villanueva is an abstract painter who paints the essence of what is not seen, but which is also visible for some people.

Reviewer. Member of the Associacio´Catalana de Cr´tics d’Art, Asociación Madrileña de Criticos de Arte, Asociación Española de Críticos de Arte and the International Association of Art Reviewers.