Jung Center of Buenos Aires
Its objective is the study and dissemination of the work and thought of Carl G. Jung Member of the “C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology of New York”. (ARG)

American Psychological Association (APA) D32
The society represents a constellation of “humanistic psychologies” that includes the previous Rogerian, transpersonal and existential orientations, as well as the most recent development perspectives of phenomenological, hermeneutic, constructivist, feminist and postmodern (social constructionist) psychologies. (US)

lIene A Serlin Ph.d. BC – DMT
Distinguished Associate Professor, Integral and Transpersonal Psychology. California Institute of Integral Studies. (US)

Center for Dream Studies of Chile
The Center for Dream Studies of Chile –CEO–, is a private organization, whose main objective is to teach, research and guide those interested in dreams. Founded by Dr. Rosa Anwandter. Jungian Analyst, writer, speaker. Representative for Chile / Sud Ameriaca of IASD (International Association for the Study of Dream). (CHL)

Interviews / Poetic Minds
How are people inspired to create and how do they shape their creative force into works? (GBR)

Space dedicated to the study of the confluence between art and the symbols of different cultures and eras. (SPAIN)

Digital Magazine monthly, for research staff and professionals of the Arts and Humanities. (SPAIN)

Mariana Zinna
My name is Mariana and I live with my family in the countryside in Argentina surrounded by the natural beauty of the Calamuchita mountains. Since I remember, I have always loved nature, people, communication and art. (ARG)

Sensitive Thinking
Virginia Gawel blog. Psychologist, therapist, teacher and writer, Director of the Transpersonal Center of Buenos Aires. (ARG)

Lic. Marcelo A.Pérez
Arte & Psicoanálisis. (ARG)

Red PhiNito
Biological Architecture, Sustainable Architecture, Ecoarchitecture, Bioconstruction, Sacred Geometry, Mystical Architecture, Harmonic Solutions, Habitat Health. (ESP)

Alchemy’s Bitacora
A historical journey through expressions and manifestations of man in the search for Truth and its origin. (ARG)

Lic Annamaria Saracco – Transpersonal Psychologist
The axis of clinical work is the understanding of the evolutionary process of consciousness.
Founding Member of the A.T.R.A (Transpersonal Association of the Argentine Republic) (ARG)

Hermetic Mind
Blog of spirituality and new consciousness. In this blog you will find: Metaphysical knowledge, self-help, exercises, videos, orders. (ARG)

Arcane Hall
Hermetic Art Gallery. Exhibition of works that deny the separation between art and the philosophy of hermeticism. (ARG)

Sarina Damen
Life Coach, Personal Development, Teacher and Author. He works in the field of spiritual counseling, guidance and teaching for more than twenty-five years, Brisbane, Australia (AUS)

Exhibition of artists in an original and unique way, through their personalized magazine. (ARG)

Jacquelene Close Moore
Since 1995, Jacquelene has provided consultations and spiritual training to people around the world (AUS)

Great Mystery Publishing
It is an eclectic site that encompasses creativity, spirituality and personal growth, poetry, environmental issues, human rights and animal welfare; and online publications on art and poetry. “(AUS)

Emotional Freedom Technique
Positive EFT means working with forms of positive energy to focus on the NOW and the FUTURE, rather than focusing on the past. (GBR)

Urania Scenia & Itipac – Yoga and Parapsychology
Formación e investigación en Yoga, Parapsicología, ciencias de la conciencia la salud y estudios sapienciales. (PER)

Architect Nickeyra Lievano Paintings
Architect by profession and passionate about art and painting, she shows her works and her life in color. (ESP)

Diafanis Magazine: Art, Science and Communication
In this international, digital, four-monthly magazine, we promote respect for freedom of expression, pluralism and participation in topics of art, science and communication, within the postulates of professional ethics and our work is ad-honorem. (ARG)

People: Camilo Villanueva
Camilo Villanueva is a type of alchemist who has access to an extraordinary state of consciousness that allows him to reach his superior intention …. (USA)

Eliza Carroll MS – Spiritual Intuitive Counselor
Intuitive spiritual advisor – Person or by phone – Portland / Oregon (USA)

Spiritual England
Spiritual England is a social enterprise (it is actually constituted as a charitable association) that began in 2007 in a focus group organized by Anna Lubelska. The focus group was held at the Reform Club in London. The goal was to explore the idea of creating an organization to promote spirituality and help people be more spiritual. (GBR)

The Art
“The eye of sarpest in the world” (USA)

Spiritual Paintings
Blog dedicated to original spiritual art originals and website (CZE)

The Transformational Art of Tomas Karkalas
Image created by Lithuanian artist Tomas Karkalas (LTU)

Reason and Word
First digital magazine specialized in Communicology (MEX)

Harmonics of Consciousness
“Maintaining our own Light does not imply evading our Collective Shadow; It will then be necessary to know the causes that originate it and act accordingly, facing our own fears and preserving our Personal Sovereignty in the face of the multiple problems of the Social Order that concern us all and that seem to lead irremediably towards a New Secular World Order … ( If the majority did not do anything about it) ”. Gloria H. (COL)

INAOSSIEN Art  Gallery
The Art in the New Epoch
Wembley, England, United Kingdom
Exhibition of Camilo Villanueva

Camilo Villanueva Owner of its essence and its color.

“The most easy and more difficult of the world is knowing Who we are.”
Louis Cattiaux

CFPT Magazine, Art, door open toward transpersonality?

Muriel Rojas Zamudio
Artistic mediations and art therapy illuminated by psychoanalysis.
Transpersonal therapy.

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“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”

C a m i l o V i l l a n u e v a

“Transpersonal Paintings”
Municipal Exhibition Hall
January 2019
Pinamar, Province of Buenos Aires

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