What I paint and what I feel

To express what I feel when I am facing a canvas and I start painting, is like starting to form a space of life, which is transmitted through color and form, a space that is deep inside of our being, a space that comes to the surface to show and tell us that there are other subtle forms that express the greatness of creation.

It is as if we were in a stage of learning, in an infinite childhood, for that as an example I refer to a phrase of Picasso “At twelve he painted like Rafael, but he needs a lifetime to learn to paint like a child”, for more perfect that we look like a painting if it has that superior spark that comes from within, we will not have reached the beginning of the forms, the beginning of life, we can not see with the eyes of the spirit the beauty of color and the shape that emerge from an abstraction from which we all come.

“The singularity” that tiny point as scientists call the beginning of the Big Bang, was the absolute Abstraction of the Universe, our beginnings.

Camilo Villanueva

The Artist Is Not A Person Gifted With Free Will

Carl G. Jung
The artist is not a person endowed with free will that seeks its own ends, but allows art to realize its own ends through it. As a human being, he may have whims, wills and personal goals, but as an artist he is a man in the highest sense, a collective man, the one who leads and molds the unconscious psychic life of the human race. To realize this difficult destiny, it is necessary to sacrifice sometimes one’s own happiness and everything that makes life worth living for the ordinary human being.

“Nature is not the only thing visible to our eyes … they also see the interior paintings of the soul”

Edward Munch
But for the transpersonal painting that is resurging, it shows our deepest interior for which the artist must have gone through a number of situations that lead him to understand that we are a unit in an infinite universe, exterior and interior, and that in some point they touch.

Camilo Villanueva

“The painter only does good things, when he stops knowing what he is doing”

Edgar Degas
Actually when we work with the unconscious, colors and shapes flow by themselves, do not go through the reason and the intellect that wants to understand and understand everything, the good observer will say I do not understand what the artist wanted to express, but mobilizes my inner and touch the depth of my being, that is called feeling and to feel you do not have to understand, nor ask for explanations, but contemplate and enjoy.

The change is already taking place and since most of the changes are produced from the inside out, it is the artist who is gestating it.

Camilo Villanueva

“I try to apply colors as the word that shapes poems as the notes that shape music”

Joan Miro
Color awakens the senses, has sound, sound has color, the word has sound. Everything has its relation, each frequency range represents a color, a word, a sound, a trilogy that gives shape to life.

Camilo Villanueva

“I see how I alone, without any inspiration from outside, I have worked in the trend that will be the dominant of the highest art of the future”

Xul Solar
Break with the structures and cross the borders of the unknown that nevertheless is there no more, within us waiting for us to find them through color and its forms. It shows a search towards a higher and higher end.

Everything is in sight, we just need to see.

Everything arises from the inside out, everything that we see outside our body someday was inside of us. The good and the bad, that’s why the constant struggle, this allows the expansion of our consciousness. “Everything that divides, moves us away from the Unit”

Camilo Villanueva

“The more I look at an object, the more abstract it is and also ironically more real”

Lucien Freud
That message that enters the observer through his eyes finds that his interior trembles and is moved by what he sees, although he does not know well what it is about. Something tells him that he is in the presence of a superior vibration and that there is something beyond, of the forms and color when he transits through them because he is inside us and, also, inside the other. That presence is the same in everyone, something that some have already understood and many have embarked on the search path: we come from an abstraction. “Transpersonal Painting” seeks the beginning, the first manifestation of form.

Camilo Villanueva

“All the things that an artist should be: poet, explorer of nature and philosopher”

Paul Klee
Study or read about Energy, Symbolism, Biology, Chemistry, Quantum Physics, Archetypes, Comparative Religions, Astronomy, Astrology, Western and Eastern Philosophy, Neurosciences and many other topics related to the spiritual evolution of man, because everything has to do with everything and the truth is everywhere and not in a single part.

It is a commitment that the artist of today has to assume in addition to his knowledge about art.

Art = Science = Spirituality
Spirituality = Science = Art

Camilo Villanueva

“Creativity requires a lot of value”

Henri Mattise
Painting is a dangerous vocation and passion. A struggle that all painters undertake with an uncertain future but with a certainty that what is done is the pure and sincere manifestation of our interior and an absolute dedication that is part of the way. But for the artist there is only one, without shortcuts, no hustle, no lights, in silence, they are the tests that all artists must go through in order to grow. As help, we go through it with patience, perseverance, humility and imagination that will be our inseparable companies because it would be very difficult to reach them without them.

Camilo Villanueva

Camilo Villanueva Owner of its essence and its color.

“The most easy and more difficult of the world is knowing Who we are.”
Louis Cattiaux

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“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”

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